Signature Defi


Account Security


SignatureDeFi®, is licensed, regulated and insured by the Financial Conduct Authority,, in the United Kingdom, that insures all accounts with Signature DeFi up to $100,000 USD per account

Signature DeFi is also licensed and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, as a regulated financial intermediary.

Signature DeFi has a full public audit of all accounts, transactions, funds on reserve and balances conducted by, the leading auditing organization in the industry. The audit is conducted each year, after our End of Year, September 30th each year. Signature DeFi has remained in Good Standing since our first audit in 2017 through present day in 2024.

Accordingly, account holders ensures the full safety and security of client funds in full. Funds are allocated to a separate account, in which no mingling of funds takes place.

SigFi hereby agrees to resolve any dispute between client and company within 30 days. If resolution cannot be entered into. SigFi agrees to appoint an Independent Arbiter in Toronto, Canada, our headquarters. Arbitration Place, 150 Elgin Street, Toronto, Ontario.

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