Signature Defi


SigFi is a Bitcoin Mining ecosystem
Simple. Reliable. Effective.


     Crypto newby or seasoned trader, simply deposit, or ‘stake’ Bitcoin, to profit daily. 

      Bitcoin Smart Mining involves verifying and processing blockchain transactions, in return for Bitcoin payment. Simple, reliable wealth-building.

      Signature DeFi (SigFi) is partnered with Public Mining Companies: Marathon Digital,; and Hut 8 Mining, We purchase blocks of mining power, or hash power at a discount, and pass on the net to   our client partners – you –  whom we pool together to produce our total BTC mining production, or hash power.


  Trusted. 3,782 reviews, average 4.7 Rating in 18 countries we serve. performs an Audit of SignatureDeFi’s Smart Contracts annually from 2018 to present, this includes client separation of funds, client balances, and Proof of Reserves (PoR).    


     SignatureDeFi is Licensed, Regulated & Insured by the in the United Kingdom, as a financial intermediary.

    SignatureDeFi, S.A. is licensed as a regulated financial intermediary in Switzerland, with over $245m AUM. 


            Join 265,821 users profiting with us in 18 countries. Featured in Forbes, A.P. News, FOX, Bloomberg, and over 400 media outlets – see Media Link.  See Historical Data Report.



    Our company has 4 data centers with a total hashrate of 3,635,042 TH/s which has already mined 2345 BTC for our users, or $166.496m.


       SigFi / BitBlock Rocky Telegram Channel – Q’s & Chats – Listing July 30th


Profit from .77% to 1.95% Daily $1k to $1m+  


Signature DeFi pools our partner funds along with corporate funds together to add hash power, and greater mining returns.
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Signature DeFi is a trusted member of the Blockchain

Trade 250+ electronic currencies with 0.2% fees, and commission-free. Profit from hundreds of Web3, CEX and DEX markets with our award-winning DeFi platform. 

Bitcoin Smart Cloud Mining



One Bitcoin mined in 2013 appreciated 27,300% in 10 years. Signature DeFi provides hassle-free BTC mining for the next 10 years. Join us, and Stake tokens today. Our company has 4 data centers with a total hashrate of 3,635,042 TH/s which has already mined 2302 BTC for our users, we invite you to join our other 265,822 user miners today.

Smart Cloud Mining Platform

Signature DeFi’s cloud mining platform allows everyday people to mine Bitcoin (BTC) in a decentralized way. We’re tokenizing cloud mining to ensure a secure and transparent experience.

We’re solving a huge problem by removing the risk of third party cloud mining scams and putting the control into the hands of token holders.

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Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ)

When computers on the network verify and process transactions, new Bitcoins are created, or mined. The networked computers, or miners, process the transaction in exchange for a payment in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is powered by blockchain, which is the technology that powers almost all cryptocurrencies.

Signature DeFi has built a simple and trustworthy Bitcoin Mining ecosystem that has been Audited by Coinsult, the leading crypto auditor. We have 4 years of outstanding service and support, with no complaints lodged against us to date. We truly value each and every client experience.

DeFi stands for ‘decentralized finance’. Decentralized Finance is a superior global-based financial ecosystem, not reliant on centralized exchanges, hence it is the future of blockchain. We don’t rely on centralized exchange ledgers to execute market orders. This provides superior trade executions and hash power in Bitcoin mining.

100% of client funds remain in a separately secured account, these accounts have been duly audited by the largest auditor in cryptocurrency – Client funds are regulated and insured to $100,000 USD by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, 

Click on “Start Now”, at top of page, Register, then transfer Bitcoin equivalent to the amount you want to start with. Send to the HASH, and paste below Hash Address, after sending transfer for credit to your account. Join our Whatsapp or Telegram Channels to ask questions and chat with us. We can also assist you with any issues we can clarify to ensure proper credit to your account, and even chat about the weather, crypto, mining, and topics you wish to discuss. You’ll find our friendly team, eager to please and kind.

Account redemptions, or cash-outs, are paid out the following business day of request, cut-off time is 2pm, Monday through Friday. We recommend having an account open with us for 3, 6 or 12 months to realize maximum returns. Accounts are automatically renewed for the term a client has selected, if cash-out has not been indicated by client.

Open an account with, or, we recommend. Purchase Bitcoin, then go to TRANSFER your desired opening balance to our Wallet Address, HASH ADDRESS from – ‘Spot Wallet’, then ‘BTC’ network.