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This Agreement, referred to as the “Terms & Conditions,” regulates the relationship between Eurasia Digital Corp. (“the Company”) and the user (“the Client”), either a natural or legal entity, of the Eurasia Digital Corp. website (“the Website”). The Client confirms having read, understood, and accepted all information, conditions, and terms on the Website, which include important legal information. By accepting this Agreement, the Client irrevocably agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein, its annexes, appendices, and other documentation/information on the Website, including the Privacy Policy, Payment Policy, Withdrawal Policy, Code of Conduct, Order Execution Policy, and Anti-Money Laundering Policy. Acceptance occurs upon registering an Account on the Website and depositing funds. Upon the Company’s receipt of an advance payment from the Client, the terms of this Agreement become unconditionally accepted by the Client. All Client operations on the Trading Platform are subject to the terms of this Agreement and Website documentation/information. The Client acknowledges that all operations, activities, transactions, orders, and communications on the Trading Platform and Website are governed by this Agreement.

A legal entity Client can register with the Company by sending an email request, not through the Website. All terms and conditions herein apply equally to legal entities.


  1. Account: A unique account registered in the Client’s name, containing all transactions/operations on the Company’s Trading Platform.
  2. Ask: The higher price in a quote, the price at which the Client may buy.
  3. Bid: The lower price in a quote, the price at which the Client may sell.
  4. CFD (Contract for Difference): A tradable contract between the Client and the Company, exchanging the difference in value of an Instrument at the transaction’s opening and closing.
  5. Digital Option Contract: A derivative where the Client predicts the price movement of an underlying asset at expiry. Incorrect predictions result in a loss of the invested amount.
  6. Execution: The Company’s execution of Client order(s) as per this agreement.
  7. Financial Instruments: Instruments available on the Company’s Trading Platform as defined in paragraph 2.4.
  8. KYC Documents: Documents required from the Client for verification purposes.
  9. Market: The market where Financial Instruments are traded.
  10. Market Maker: A company providing BID and ASK prices for Financial Instruments.
  11. Operations: Actions performed in the Client’s Account, including fund transactions and trade transactions/positions.
  12. Prices: The prices offered to the Client for each transaction, subject to change without prior notice.
  13. Services: Services described in section 3 of this Agreement.
  14. Spread: The difference between the Ask and Bid rates.
  15. Trading Platform: An electronic internet system presenting real-time quotes, allowing order placements/modifications/deletions, and calculating obligations between the Client and the Company.


The subject of the Agreement is the provision of Services to the Client by the Company through the Trading Platform. The Company executes transactions on an execution-only basis, not managing the account or advising the Client. Transactions requested by the Client are executed even if not beneficial to the Client. The Company is not obliged to monitor the Client’s transaction status, make margin calls, or close out open positions unless specifically agreed.


The Company offers Services at its discretion, subject to this Agreement. The Client cannot execute transactions exceeding their account balance. Funds deposited are considered collateral for the Client’s obligations to the Company.


The Company provides Services through its Trading Platform, including customer, analytics, news, and marketing information services. Transactions are processed on an execution-only basis. The Company does not manage accounts or provide trading consultation/advisory services. The Client is responsible for securing their Account and is liable for all orders placed through it. The Company is not liable for unauthorized use of the Client’s Account.


Orders are executed by the Company as a Market Maker. The Company acts as a principal, not an agent. Orders are accepted and executed sequentially and promptly. The Company is not responsible for order content or identity verification, except in cases of gross negligence, willful default, or fraud.


The Company is not liable for uninterrupted service, errors, unauthorized access, or third-party actions. The Company is not responsible for force majeure events or any loss arising therefrom.


Transactions are settled upon execution. An online Account statement is available on the Trading Platform.


The Client indemnifies the Company against liabilities arising from their actions under this Agreement. The Company is not liable for indirect losses or misrepresentation of facts unless due to gross negligence, willful default, or fraud.


The Client consents to the collection and processing of personal data by the Company. Data includes name, contact details, IP address, Cookies, and trading history. The data is collected for compliance and Agreement purposes. The Company takes measures to protect personal data and will not disclose it publicly, except as required by law.


The Agreement is personal to the Client and cannot be transferred. The Company may transfer its rights or obligations to a third party and will notify the Client of such assignment.


The Company is entitled to fees for its Services. Fees are detailed on the Company’s Website and are subject to change. The Client is responsible for funding their Account to use the Services.


The Agreement is indefinite and commences upon the Client’s acceptance and advance payment. The English version of the Agreement prevails over other translations. The Company may terminate the Agreement if the Client fails to provide KYC documents within 14 days of acceptance.


The Client is responsible for complying with laws related to the use of the Website and Services. The Client is liable for all transactions in their Trading Account. The Company is not liable for losses due to third-party financial institutions or unauthorized use of the Client’s Trading Account.