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Signature DeFi

 SignatureDeFi is an international digital cloud mining pool, and trading group, with its parent company, Eurasia Digital Corp., based in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. Our offices are based in Toronto, Cancun, London, Dubai, and Singapore, offering our most-valued client partners with 24/7 customer and technical support. Thousands of clients in over 18 countries have joined our Bitcoin Mining Pool, as well as trade with Signature DeFi’s proprietary Partnership trading, in addition to margin accounts trading over 250 cryptocurrencies with up to 200x leverage.

             Over the past 4 years, our clients were often getting average results from their Bitcoin Mining accounts. In bull markets they were up handsomely, and in crypto winters, suffering from the bear market. Our team sought out to retain a group of expert traders that we could both implement what other companies in the space offer, with shadow-trading, or commonly known as ‘copy-trading’, and to improve upon this model further.

             Smart Cloud Miners enjoy APY returns starting from .77% DAILY = 281.05% APY; to 1.9% DAILY = 693.5% APY, and increase depending upon the balance in the user account, see table on Home Page.

             With Signature DeFi, traders enjoy a leading cutting-edge partnership in blockchain, that is fully decentralized, in which clients leave the work to the experts, and profit accordingly from 28% to 55% monthly, in bull and bear markets alike. Utilizing Binary Scalping, Signature DeFi’s crypto professionals seek and capture consistent alpha returns by a micro-strategy of merely 10-minutes. Similar to options, where stock traders buy a straddle – both a put and a call at the same time, to profit from the daily fluctuation range of the crypto currency. This Bull and Bear approach harnesses consistent returns given the high volatility electronic currencies are known for.

             Signature DeFi is now introducing a Bitcoin Smart Cloud Mining ALT / Meme coin – BitBlock Rocky.

             BitBlock Rocky, shown above is the 2024 World Champion Bitcoin Miner. Rocky earns Bitcoin bonuses paid to token holders that are part of the Signature DeFi ecosystem.