Signature Defi


Signature DeFi ® opens the world of electronic trading unlike any other platform. As a truly global provider, we deliver exceptional award-winning trading executions of over 250 crypto, completely commission-free, with some of the lowest transaction fees of any platform. Why pay commissions when you don’t have to?

Signature DeFi is a recognized leader also in Bitcoin Cloud Mining, with tens of thousands of clients staking BTC to earn daily profits of .77% to 1.9% plus bonuses, or 281.05% to 693.50% APY.

Decentralized networks allows us to provide better spreads, which are optimal for traders in many ways. Our DeFi platform delivers enhanced security, ease of use, and better prices than the crowd due to decentralized finance offering more pairs and more sellers than platform-only access.

SignatureDeFi® , herein afterward referred to as SIGFI, ensures the full safety and security of client funds. Funds are allocated to a separate account for Partner Trading, in which no mingling of funds takes place. Furthermore, Partner funds remain in cold storage when not being implemented in given trading.

SIGFI hereby agrees to honor and compensate hereto Client Limited Partner 50-50 EQUALLY. Commencement of returns for Client commences 3 Business Days after this Limited Partnership Agreement is submitted, along with a minimum account value of $5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND) USDT, which has an equivalent value of $1.00 USDT honored with hereto Limited Partnership Agreement.

SIGFI hereby pledges, and warranties 100% (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) of Client funds remain in a designated LP Account that is duly, per hereto Limited Partnership Agreement accepted and entered into by both parties herewith, under custodial administration by SIGFI on behalf of LP Agreement by the two parties [ SIGFI and Client ].

SIGFI reserves the right to decline an account submitted by a Client, in which case, Full Refund will be returned to Client within 24 Hours of receipt.

This Limited Partnership Agreement, is hereby made under the laws of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. Any dispute arising from entering into this Agreement hereto, will be governed accordingly.

Clients can login to their account at any time and click “Withdraw” and select the amount they wish to withdraw. The Dashboard will deposit selected Withdraw amount to the Cryptocurrency Wallet and respective account of their choice, within 30-minutes.



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